I bought a Mac Mini M1

I bought a Mac Mini M1

Jan 19, 2021 12:41 AM

TLDR - I figured that the price of my iMac Pro was going to depreciate in price since the M1 was such a success. Thought I should trade it in now for its highest value, and purchase a Mac Mini M1 as a temporary machine until the faster chips are release.

Anyone that knows me wouldn't be surprised that I bought the Mac Mini M1. What they would be surprised of, was it took me 1 month after launch to pull the trigger. 😂

When it first launched I tried to find any reason to buy one.

The ideas were:

🚫 Maybe I buy a Mac Mini to replace my Synology as our home server.

  • That wouldn't work. I would never use it and defeats the purpose of getting a M1.

🚫 My daughters 2014 MacBook Pro was on its last legs and would be a nice Christmas gift.

  • I asked... she wanted a VR headset.

🚫 Does my 7 year old son need one?

  • I was really reaching at this point...

So after launch day/week, and after the excitement died down, I convinced myself I didn't need one.

Holiday season arrived.

I took 2 weeks off for the holiday break and all I did in between hanging out with the kids was online shopping, watching youtube, and listening to some podcasts. Either youtube knew my habits, or M1 was the hottest topic of the season (I'm sure its a little bit of both), but that was all the content that was pushed my way... and thats how the M1 itch started again. The thing that really got me thinking was listening to ATP and how one of them sold their iMac Pro, and will be using a M1 as a daily driver until a faster chip arrives.

Then this was when these sequence of events happened:

  • I heard that podcast
  • Checked how much I would get for my 3 year old iMac Pro (8 core / 32 GB / 1 TB) from the Apple Trade-In Program (40% of it's original value)
  • Researched other ways of selling my iMac Pro - Some would net me ~50% of its original value, but would require a lot more effort and time
  • Researched what else I would need if I got a Mac Mini - Monitor, Speakers, Mic, etc.
  • Finally, what pushed me over the edge was the excitement of getting an external monitor, and not to mention, a 32" 4K HDR one

So in the end, after doing the math, I figured I would be able to trade-in my 3 year old iMac Pro for a Mac Mini M1 (16GB / 512GB), plus all the peripherals needed without much extra cost. The benchmarks were pretty comparable for most of my uses cases, and even better in other areas. This machine would be able to hold me over for the next year, and I'm pretty sure the trade-in value of it should be at least 50% of its retail value. So overall, Im pretty happy with my decision.